Woke Madness Takes Over the American Museum of Natural History

According to Microsoft News, a monument of 26th President Theodore Roosevelt was taken from its location in front of the Natural History Museum in New York City on Wednesday evening.

Statues are Racist

Even though the work “was not created with hatred of intent,” according to Sam Biederman of the New York City Park Service, its design “supports a conceptual approach of colonialism and discrimination.”

Roosevelt is depicted on a horse, with an African American and a Native American person on foot along either side of him. According to the museum’s website, it was removed because of the following reason.

The monument was erected to honor Theodore Roosevelt’s contributions to natural history as a committed ecologist and author of literature on the subject. Simultaneously, the statue conveys a racist system that the museum and members of the general public have long found troubling.

The sculpture, which is maintained by New York City, will be on a long lease to the Theodore Roosevelt National Center in North Dakota, which will complete in 2026.

The library is “a suitable new home,” according to city authorities because Roosevelt spent more time in the Badlands and his monument could be “appropriately reframed” there.

The following is from the report:

The library directors agreed the statue’s design was “difficult.” They announced in a statement they would form an advisory board made up of Indigenous and black community members, academics, scholars, and artists to identify the next measures.

In June 2020, the New York Official Museum claimed it received city clearance and “permission” from Roosevelt’s great-grandson to demolish the “horse-riding monument of Theodore Roosevelt.”

The demolition was “the correct decision and the perfect moment to dismantle this troublesome statue,” according to Democrat Bill de Blasio, who’d been mayor at the time, because it “expressly represents black and Indigenous persons as enslaved and biologically inferior.”

Trump Disagrees

As per the story, “President Donald Trump criticized the decision as “stupid” at the time on Twitter, and encouraged officials not to destroy it.”

According to the study, the statue was first ordered in 1925 and sculpted by James Earle Fraser. The statue has been erected on the museum’s stairs since 1940. Roosevelt’s father was a co-founder of the institution.

The Roosevelt monument is the most recent historical figure to be desecrated in the United States, a practice that has gained traction in the wake of nationwide Black Lives Matter demonstrations and rioting in 2020.

“Demonstrators have set ablaze, defaced, or ripped down statues of Confederates, Christopher Columbus, George Washington, as well as Thomas Jefferson, in certain locations.

Per the story, the Roosevelt monument was soaked in red paint in 2017 by a group known as the “Monument Removal Battalion,” which said the monument reflected “patriarchy, supremacism, and settler-colonialism.”

Last year, a statue of Jefferson was demolished in New York City “because of the previous president’s background as an enslaver.”