Yet Another Conservative Silenced on Social Media

It would appear that former Starwars star Gina Carano is being shadow banned on social media platform Twitter. This was revealed after several Twitter users noticed an ominous warning before viewing the actress’s profile.

According to MMA Mania, “Twitter has locked her account behind a ‘sensitive content’ filter that seriously impacts her reach and visibility.” Gina pursued a successful career in the kickboxing arena before beginning her acting career and joining up with the popular Star Wars show, The Mandalorian.

When attempting to view Gina’s profile on Twitter, some users are presented with this notification: “Caution: This profile may include potentially sensitive content. You’re seeing this warning because they Tweet potentially sensitive images or language. Do you still want to view it?”

Screenshot: Twitter

Website has detailed what exactly has happened.

“This type of ban causes an account to not populate search suggestions and people search results when it is searched for while being logged out,” the website explains. “Twitter seems to take tie strength or a similar metric into account. While an account may be suggested to users you are strongly tied to, it may not be shown to others.”

Twitter claims they do not shadow ban:

“We do not shadow ban. You are always able to see the tweets from accounts you follow (although you may have to do more work to find them, like go directly to their profile). And we certainly don’t shadow ban based on political viewpoints or ideology.”

“We do rank tweets and search results,” they admitted. “We do this because Twitter is most useful when it’s immediately relevant. These ranking models take many signals into consideration to best organize tweets for timely relevance. We must also address bad-faith actors who intend to manipulate or detract from healthy conversation.”

The Daily Wire reported in Febuary a story that caused a stir around Gina Carano over her dismissal from Disney after conservative comments on twitter.

“Gina Carano iPhone wallpaper” by xploitme is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

“In February, Gina Carano was publicly fired” “after she tweeted something that critics claimed was controversial by saying that she was stunned to learn of the outrage online and that people were claiming that what she posted was anti-Semitic.”

“I was in utter shock and confusion when certain people said it was anti-Semitic,” Carano told Bari Weiss. “Then, as I went to take it down, I noticed that the image was not the same as the one people were referencing. I was honestly confused: should I take it down, or leave it up? I still don’t know the answer to that question, because taking it down only makes the mob attack you more.”