Even NBC is Now Slamming Biden

The announcement of a new NBC poll the other week showed terrible approval numbers to kick off the special election year. Therefore, NBC anchor Chuck Todd suggested Sunday that President Biden was in danger with the American populace.

He Held Nothing Back

Todd said Biden’s 43 percent approval numbers proved he’d “lost his personality” and was “no longer perceived as capable and successful” in the eyes of voters.

Todd said this during the opening portion of “Meet the Press,” implying a potential “drubbing” for Democrats in November, citing the survey.

“President Biden’s press briefing on Wednesday was intended to kick off a second-year rollback of his presidential term, to win back his political viewpoint, if you will,” Todd said.

He was making reference to Biden’s widely panned Wednesday media briefing, which lasted nearly two hours. “However, our new NBC News polls indicate Mr. Biden needs a big reboot since he’s lost his individuality a bit,” Todd said.

“He’s no longer regarded as powerful and effective, as a capable commanding officer, or, perhaps most importantly, as relaxed and pleasant.”

“In fact, only 5% of respondents believe Mr. Biden has performed much better than predicted as president, another of the rare firsts and fewest in history.”

Todd unveiled NBC’s new metric for projecting a likely midterm election outcome, with two of the three primary indicators indicating a “shellacking” for Democrats.

He pointed out that unfavorability ratings, such as Biden’s, have historically resulted in a major defeat for the ruling party.

Furthermore, the country’s “wrong track percentage” was only the third time in its history that an NBC poll found such a large number of Americans believing the country was going in the wrong direction.

Democrats are Falling Behind

Todd went on to say that while voters still want Democrats to dominate Congress by a single percentage point, they would have to be ahead by “four or five” points to compensate for Republican gerrymandering.

“However, as you’ll see, two of our three most important indicators are in shellacking zone, which is good news for the Democrats. At the one-year mark of this administration, the party and the government are in a hazardous position,” Todd stated.

President Biden took office a year ago with the goal of bolstering geopolitical relations and reinforcing the United States’ commitments as a global leader.

“America is back,” Biden declared in his first speech to a worldwide audience after taking office, but one year later, he still faces significant geopolitical problems.

In response to the Trump government’s withdrawal, Kori Schake, a senior scholar and head of foreign and military policy research at the American Enterprise Institute, told Fox News Digital, “I think there was a great sigh of relief by European allies.”