You Won’t Believe how Low Kamala Harris’ Poll Numbers Are

As per the latest survey, Americans dislike Vice President Kamala Harris.

According to the most recent Rasmussen Reports poll, Biden’s vice president is perceived as both inexperienced and disliked.

She Must Resign

According to the pollster, 54 percent of people don’t believe Harris is qualified for the position, while only 42 percent believe she is.

A stunning 45 percent of those polled believe Harris is “not at all suited” to be POTUS.

Meanwhile, only 40% of people think highly of Harris, as opposed to 56% who think negatively of her. Of the latter, 47% indicated they have an “extremely negative” impression of her.

Harris has had a difficult time, making numerous public blunders. Furthermore, just 14 months after taking office, her administration has seen a mass exodus of top-level employees.

According to Reuters, her assistant secretary, Michael Fuchs, became the fourth high-ranking official to announce his retirement from the veep’s office on Monday.

“Fuchs, who helped former President Clinton with foreign affairs and worked in senior positions at the State Department under former President Obama, instructed Harris on domestic and global problems.”

“He helped manage staff and usually went with her on foreign trips,” according to the wire service.

According to Reuters, Fuchs stated, “Fifteen months ago, it’s almost difficult to recall the severity of the issues we faced when we walked in, from an unprecedented epidemic to historically severe financial realities.”

The Fleeing of Professional Staff

As per the New York Post, Assistant Press Secretary Sabrina Singh has become the latest to leave the vice presidential office, declaring her departure to pursue a post in the Defense Department.

With Singh’s resignation, just one of the four key communication roles on Inauguration Day is from the original team.

“At least the ninth key official to leave the veep’s office since this past season,” according to the New York Post, “is joining executive of online marketing Rajun Kaur, director of progress Karly Satkowiak, and acting director of advance Gabrielle DeFranceschi.

“This also includes director of communications Ashley Etienne, chief spokeswoman Symone Sanders, general manager of press activities Peter Velz, vice director of public interaction Vince Evans, and speechwriter executive Kate Childs Graham.”

The vice president’s foreign policy adviser Nancy McEldowney declared her intention to quit Harris’ office two weeks earlier.

It isn’t like they’re on their way to the White House or another high-ranking position. Evans, for example, left in January to pursue a new position on Capitol Hill, according to CNBC.

He departed to join the Congressional Black Caucus, led by Rep. Joyce Beatty (D-OH), which was definitely not a lateral move. Sanders and Etienne, the backbone of Harris’ office, left in December 2021.

Their departures came after a shocking USA Today/Suffolk University poll showing Harris with a terrible 28 percent popularity rating, putting her ten points below President Biden, who had a less-than-stellar 38 percent approval rating.