You Wont Believe What Liberals Say is Being Taught in Schools

The Youth Justice Lab, a new Stanford Law School research hub, has come up with something groundbreaking. “American public school system as an institution that” “perpetuate anti-Black racism, white supremacy, and discrimination.”

It’s interesting, they are the ones who control the system, so are they calling themselves racist white supremacists? “No institution has reproduced racial hierarchy in the U.S. more than our public education system.”

The lobby will design “interventions” that “dismantle the systemic racism and interlocking oppressions built into those educational policies and practices.”

“Stanford Law School” by maveric2003 is licensed under CC BY 2.0

The website says that special classes for children with special needs are a form of segregation…

“From state-sponsored racial segregation of schools to the more subtle, but no less insidious racially segregated academic placements (e.g., special education, advanced placement) to exclusionary school discipline policies, to ostensibly ‘meritocratic’ testing and grading policies.”

It’s a little bit surprising that they expect us to not notice that while they attack the institutions, they actually control those same structures. We understand that they are just trying to deconstruct everything because they have run out of ideas, but they fail to see the irony.

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Are Liberals calling themselves racist?

Essentially yes. They also forget that they control the house, the presidency and have an advantage in the split Senate. Altho Donald Trump was president from 2016 to 2021, Democrats forget that Barak Obama was president before then. With all this control, how have they been unable to fix the broken systems?

That raises two questions, one being; are they to blame, and two; are the systems not actually broken? Both Democrats and leftists are definitely to blame for the racial discord in the United States.

Their inflaming of race relations has caused much death and destruction in the states, primarily in the inner cities during the Black lives Matter protests. Why do they attack the institutions tho? They need someone to blame. They also need an excuse to implement their radical indoctrination methods.

How do they get away with this? The right has failed to stop the radical leftists from infiltrating and taking over the schooling system. The right has become content with losing ground on all fronts. We failed to recognize the threat these radicals posed to our institutions, and now, it is becoming too late to get them back.

Once the radicals took over the narrative, any attempt to stop them can easily be intercepted and flagged as “racist, bigoted and sexist.”