YouTube In Hot Water Over Thanksgiving Message

"YouTube sign in San Bruno, CA" by jm3 is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Not surprisingly, Youtube has used thanksgiving to teach everyday Americans how horribly Native Americans were treated in the past.

“For Indigenous and Native Americans, the fourth Thursday of November is dedicated to Indigenous history, activism, and resistance,” the official Twitter account of YouTube wrote. “It’s called Unthanksgiving.”

“Unthanksgiving is about acknowledging, educating, and honoring centuries of Indigenous resistance,” the Google-owned company explained. “Coinciding with New England’s National Day of Mourning, Unthanksgiving activates Alcatraz Island, the site of a 19-month occupation by Bay Area Natives in 1969.”

“For generations, Native Americans and Indigenous persons have shared their experiences, using Unthanksgiving as an opportunity for intergenerational and intercultural dialogue,” YouTube continued.

“Generations before have lived on these lands. Days like Unthanksgiving are opportunities for learning and understanding whose land you live on,” the company added.

America isn’t listening

Mat Welsh had the following to say with an article on Daily Wire:

“Warnings have been issued, with dramatic flare, to keep our Thanksgiving celebrations relegated to our immediate households. “Eat all of your mashed potatoes by yourself,” one MSNBC talking head urges. “What you really don’t want is for your next family event to be a funeral,” says another, laying it on especially thick.”

“Some states have banned private gatherings of more than ten people, pretending that every home in America is the same size and has the same capacity. Governor Cuomo, author of one of these bans, says that if you love your family, you’ll stay away from them. As per usual, Cuomo was not planning to follow his own advice. He had invited his 89-year-old mother to his home for Thanksgiving — apparently he doesn’t love her, at least according to his own logic — but reversed course after the public noticed and pointed out the hypocrisy.”

“Meanwhile, the CDC has issued its own guidelines, recommending that everyone wear a mask. Presumably you would take the mask off to eat, at least, though perhaps you could keep it on and attempt to absorb your food through a process of osmosis. The CDC also asks that we keep our music down and talking to a minimum, lecturing the public like chaperones on a middle school field trip.”

Welsh Finished off by adding the following:

“All of the above is academic. The only thing that should really need to be said is that the government has no authority to tell me who can be in my house, or whether I can be in someone else’s house. I do not respect the authority the government pretends to have on this front, just as I don’t trust its guidelines or its experts. It’s sad that it has come to this, but you get the trust and respect you have earned. For the media and the government pushing COVID restrictions, that amount is none. So, all that is left is to eat, drink, and have a happy Thanksgiving. And that’s what I intend to do.”