10th Time’s a Charm: Trump Faces Contempt Charges Once Again in Judge’s Courtroom


The never-ending legal saga of former US President Donald Trump continues, as Judge Juan Merchan found him in contempt for the 10th time. This latest ruling comes as no surprise to those following the ongoing battle between the ex-president and the court system.

In a bold move, Judge Merchan has declared that he is willing to impose jail time on Trump if necessary, sending a strong message that no one is above the law.

As Trump's contempt charges pile up, it begs the question: what exactly has he done to earn such a stern reprimand from the court? In this latest case, the controversial figure has been accused of disregarding a previous court order to not make any public comments about the ongoing case against him. Despite being explicitly warned, Trump once again defied the court's orders and found himself on the wrong side of the law.

This is not the first time Trump has been found in contempt by Judge Merchan. In fact, it marks the 10th time he has been deemed in violation of court orders. It seems that Trump's ego and lack of respect for the judicial system have landed him in hot water yet again. And with each new offense, it becomes increasingly clear that the former president has no intention of changing his ways.

But what consequences will Trump face for his repeated contempt? Judge Merchan has made it clear that he is not afraid to enforce the law and impose jail time if necessary. This stern warning should serve as a wake-up call for Trump to take the court's orders seriously. However, with his history of defiance and disregard for authority, it remains to be seen if Trump will face any real consequences for his actions.

As the legal battle between Trump and the court system rages on, one thing is certain: this is not the last we will hear of his contempt charges. With each new ruling, the public is reminded of the power and importance of upholding the law and holding even the most powerful accountable for their actions. And with Judge Merchan at the helm, it seems that Trump will not be getting off easy anytime soon.

Despite the controversy and chaos surrounding the case, one can't help but wonder: will Trump ever learn his lesson? Will he continue to defy court orders and push the limits of the law, or will he finally face the consequences of his actions?

Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure: Judge Juan Merchan is not backing down and is determined to see justice served, even if it means holding a former president accountable.

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  1. Just exactly has President Trump done to be put in jail anyways? Other than being very truthful about a lot of things

  2. Screw the Democratic judge . He has infringed on President Trumps free speech rights and is violating the law . This is a WITCH HUNT, PERIOD! Most legal experts know it and must Americans know !
    This Judge should be reprimanded and removed.

  3. If it was anyone of us we would already be in jail. He thinks he is better than the law and honestly I hope someone teaches him he might be a former President but he puts his clothes on just like men do. He could of been a smart man but he has gone way too far with all his mouthing off. I just don’t think any one else would get a way with all this. I admit I’m concerned our choices for President …I call it slim pickens. I sure wish someone would step up from the military.

  4. President Trump is one of the richest people on the planet. He did not inherit his wealth, nor did he gain it by it being awarded to him. He came from humble beginnings and, through smart business moves, earned all the wealth he possesses. He has the right to be a bit egotistical, but he is prone to overdo it. He needs to learn how to keep himself in check. MAGA!!

  5. First of all, you write a really shitty article this will all be appealed and overturned. I didn’t hear you in one comment mention his first amendment rights being taken away. This judge is very corrupt and should be thrown in prison. You really suck as a writer. And it’s obvious you’re never Trumper

  6. It’s a sham trial to begin with and then top it off my stepping on a person rights of free speech. The judge should be held accountable for his actions as well. As he says …. No one is above the law!

  7. To me, an independent voter I don’t like what is happening.
    I sense that our Justice System has been compromised with the purpose keeping the DNC
    in power for four more years. DA’s, Georgia, NY got elected with an agenda to specifically go after Donald Trump. The most powerful man in the world has an agenda to that end. His letting millions of illegals flood the Country by not closing the border, importing oil instead of exporting has caused havoc on me purchasing groceries, gas for my car. The only benefit I have seen is my Social Security Cola has risen. As I see it Biden will not finish a term and I imagine a term under Harris? Believe Donald Trump being persecuted with malice in thought with charges some statue of limitations involved to hamstring the Republican frontrunner from campaigning.

  8. Are you sure this publication is Conservative? It certainly doesn’t look like it to me. “Merchan wants to see justice served” are you serious? Merchan, a Democrat Party donor, with a daughter making millions on the back of the case against Trump and a rigged jury selection headed by a corrupt DA and the man third in charge at the DOJ parachuted in to help jail Trump.
    The author of this article is obviously a member of the Democrat Party, h/she’s certainly not a Republican.

  9. President Trump has no business being in that Kangaroo Court. I’ve got to say that President Trump is one tough man. The court system is trying every way in the world to try and keep President Trump from being President. The Justice System is a frigg;n joke anymore.

  10. Donald Trump was, and will be,
    The best President this nation
    Will ever have.
    He did more in one term of office than the BOZO we have

  11. Oh please, listen to yourselves. Dosen’t say much about your intelligence. I remember when he was in office, he was on the news every dayfor something bad he had done wrong. And everyone keeps hollering about things, with inflation, the economy in general. Cause we’re still cleaning up former president mess.

  12. The Judge is a Lunatic!!Any Other American Citizen in this Country would this Judge would be removed and disbarred!!!


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