Biden Campaign Accused of Pre-Screening Interview Questions


In a recent controversy, President Joe Biden’s campaign has come under scrutiny for allegedly providing pre-approved questions to radio hosts ahead of interviews. This move has sparked criticism and raised concerns about transparency and media manipulation.

The incident in question occurred during two separate radio interviews where the Biden campaign reportedly sent a list of approved questions to the interviewers in advance. Critics argue that this undermines the integrity of the interviews and limits the scope of spontaneous and challenging questions that journalists could pose to the President.

The practice of providing pre-approved questions is seen by many as an effort to control the narrative and shield Biden from difficult or unexpected inquiries. This approach has been criticized by media watchdogs and political opponents alike, who argue that it hampers the press's ability to hold the President accountable and diminishes the public’s trust in the media.

According to an article by Townhall, the Biden campaign’s strategy involves meticulously managing the President’s media engagements, ensuring that questions align with the campaign’s talking points. This method aims to present Biden in the best possible light, especially given the concerns about his age and cognitive abilities​​.

Further compounding the issue is the strained relationship between the Biden administration and major news outlets. Politico reports that the New York Times has publicly criticized President Biden for avoiding interviews with independent journalists, calling it a "dangerous precedent" that future administrations might follow to evade scrutiny.

The Times has emphasized the importance of maintaining a transparent dialogue between the presidency and the press​​.

This controversy is part of a broader pattern of the Biden campaign's media strategy. In response to declining poll numbers and concerns over Biden’s performance in debates, campaign officials have been proactive in managing the President’s public appearances and interactions with the media. For instance, during a recent fundraising call, Biden’s campaign chair, Jen O'Malley Dillon, defended the President's health and criticized the negative media coverage, attributing it to biased reporting rather than legitimate concerns​​.

The practice of pre-approving questions for interviews raises significant questions about the state of journalism and political communication in the current era. It highlights the challenges journalists face in obtaining candid responses from political leaders and underscores the importance of maintaining a free and independent press to ensure accountability in government.


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