CBS Host Shocked by Poll Showing 62% of Registered Voters Support Deporting Illegal Immigrants


A recent poll revealing that a significant majority of registered voters support the deportation of illegal immigrants has left CBS host Margaret Brennan visibly stunned. The survey, conducted by CBS News and YouGov, indicates that 62% of registered voters favor the deportation of individuals who entered the United States illegally. This figure highlights a substantial shift in public opinion amid ongoing debates about immigration policy.

The poll, released on June 9, 2024, shows that support for deportation transcends traditional party lines, suggesting a more unified stance on immigration enforcement than previously anticipated. This result is particularly noteworthy given the contentious and polarized nature of the immigration debate in recent years.

During a segment on CBS's "Face the Nation," Brennan expressed her surprise at the poll results while discussing the implications with her panel of experts. The survey also found that 60% of respondents believe that the Biden administration's handling of immigration is too lenient, underscoring widespread dissatisfaction with current policies.

The poll’s findings come at a time when border security and immigration enforcement have become critical issues for many Americans. The southern border has seen a significant increase in crossings, prompting calls for more stringent measures. This uptick in illegal immigration has led to heightened concerns about national security, economic impact, and social services strain.

Critics of the Biden administration argue that the current policies have failed to adequately address these challenges. They point to the need for a more robust approach to immigration enforcement, including the deportation of those who enter the country illegally. Proponents of stricter immigration laws argue that enforcing deportations is essential to uphold the rule of law and protect American jobs and resources.

Supporters of more lenient immigration policies, however, advocate for comprehensive immigration reform that includes pathways to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. They emphasize the contributions of immigrants to the economy and society, urging for more humane and compassionate solutions.

The CBS News poll also revealed that immigration is a top concern for many voters heading into the 2024 election season. Both parties are expected to address this issue in their campaigns, with Republicans likely to push for stricter enforcement and Democrats potentially advocating for reform and humanitarian considerations.

As the debate continues, the poll's findings reflect a complex and evolving public sentiment on immigration. The strong support for deportation among registered voters may influence policy decisions and campaign strategies in the coming months. It remains to be seen how politicians will navigate this issue and address the concerns of their constituents.


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