Eight Republican Holdouts Refuse to Support Jim Jordan for Speaker of the House


The race for the next Speaker of the House has hit a roadblock as eight Republicans are withholding their support for Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH).

Despite the endorsement from former President Trump, who won Nebraska by nearly 20 points in 2020, these eight representatives remain steadfast in their opposition.

Among the holdouts is Rep. Don Bacon, who publicly stated his intention to vote against Jordan. This decision comes despite a surge of citizen activism across the United States, with thousands of calls flooding the offices of congressmen in support of Jordan.

The refusal of these eight representatives to back Jordan has put them squarely in the crosshairs of this conservative resurgence.

The opposition to Jordan’s candidacy for Speaker appears to be driven by a group tied to Mitch McConnell, known as No Labels.

This group, which is also working to get a third-party Presidential candidate on the ballot in 2024, seems to be at odds with the grassroots conservative movement rallying behind Jordan.

The reason for this opposition? Jordan is seen as a threat to the status quo. As the founding chairman of the House Freedom Caucus, he has been a vocal critic of the deep state and has shown a willingness to shake things up in Congress.

His commitment to conservative principles has made him a popular choice among those who wish to see a more unified and effective GOP in Congress.

Despite the opposition, there is some good news. The number of holdouts has significantly decreased from an initial count of 55 to just eight.

This shows the pressure from conservative activists is having an effect. However, the remaining eight holdouts continue to resist, with hopes of reinstalling Kevin McCarthy into his former seat.

The election for Speaker is expected to be held on Tuesday at noon. As the clock ticks down, conservatives across the country are being urged to contact these eight representatives and voice their support for Jordan.

The hope is that this show of grassroots activism will sway the remaining holdouts and secure Jordan’s position as Speaker.

Now, this race for the next Speaker of the House has become a litmus test for the future direction of the Republican Party. Will it continue to uphold the status quo or will it embrace the conservative principles championed by figures like Jim Jordan?

The answer lies in the hands of these eight holdouts. Their decision will not only determine the next Speaker of the House, but could also shape the future of the GOP.