Florida’s Mysterious Car Graveyard: A Viral Enigma Unraveled


In a perplexing incident that captured the attention of the nation, a Florida driver recently shared a video that has since gone viral.

The footage showcases dozens of cars, including some high-end models, inexplicably abandoned on the side of a road. This peculiar sight has sparked a flurry of speculation and intrigue among viewers.

The video was shared by John Asbury, a resident of Davenport, Florida, a city approximately 30 miles from Orlando. Asbury’s video, posted on TikTok, shows a line of empty cars parked on the side of the road.

He also highlighted the accumulation of trash in the area, likening it to a large garbage dump. Despite the bizarre nature of the scene, Asbury humorously noted that this video had garnered more views than his edited videos of his children’s birth.

The location of this automotive graveyard is believed to be Tank Road, situated on the border of Polk County and Osceola County.

However, Brian Bruchey, Public Information Officer (PIO) for the Polk County Sheriff’s Office, stated that he could not confirm the exact location based on the video. He did, however, note that the parked cars appeared to be on the Osceola County side.

The area surrounding Tank Road is home to a school, a housing development, and a mobile park home. Due to the presence of mobile homes, parking space is limited, which may provide some explanation for the unusual sight.

However, the fact that some of the cars have grass and weeds growing over them suggests they have been there for an extended period.

Several theories emerged from the online community in response to the video.

Some viewers suggested the cars belonged to residents living across the street, while others proposed that the vehicles were left by truckers who swapped out their vehicles due to the inability to park large trucks within the neighborhood.

Despite these theories, the Osceola Sheriff’s Office has stated that they are ‘looking into the matter.’ This statement indicates the local authorities are taking the situation seriously and are committed to resolving the mystery.

While the sight of dozens of abandoned cars on a Florida roadside sparked intrigue and speculation, the truth behind this automotive graveyard remains elusive. As the investigation continues, one can only hope the mystery will soon be unraveled.