Hollywood Actor Jay Johnston Arrested for Actions During January 6th Protest


In a move that has sparked considerable debate, Hollywood actor Jay Johnston was arrested for his involvement in the January 6th Capitol protests. Johnston, known for his roles in "Mr. Show," "Arrested Development," and as the voice of Jimmy Pesto Sr. in "Bob's Burgers," faces charges related to his actions during the Capitol unrest.

Johnston was arrested for felony obstruction of officers during civil disorder and multiple misdemeanor offenses. According to court documents, Johnston was seen assisting injured protesters who had been affected by chemical sprays and helping to wash out their eyes.

Additionally, he picked up a police shield and used it to protect himself from further chemical attacks while standing in the upper west tunnel of the Capitol, an area that saw some of the day's most violent clashes.

The actor's arrest has been framed by some conservative commentators as another example of the Biden administration's heavy-handed approach to the January 6th protesters. Critics argue that Johnston's actions were humanitarian, aimed at aiding those in distress rather than inciting violence. However, federal prosecutors assert that his participation, including using a stolen police shield, contributed to the chaos and violence on that day.

This arrest is part of a broader pattern of federal actions against individuals involved in the January 6th events. The Gateway Pundit has reported extensively on what it describes as the "persecution" of Trump supporters, highlighting cases where protesters have faced severe legal repercussions for their actions during the Capitol breach. The publication has also pointed out instances where federal operatives allegedly infiltrated the protest groups, raising questions about the extent of government involvement and surveillance during the events.

Johnston's legal troubles began when he was identified by online sleuths and subsequently banned from "Bob's Burgers" in late 2021. Despite this, he had remained at large until his recent arrest, which has now thrust him back into the spotlight as both a symbol of alleged governmental overreach and a participant in a contentious historical moment.

The case against Johnston and others involved in the January 6th protests continues to stir political and social debate. Many on the right view the ongoing arrests and prosecutions as politically motivated efforts to suppress dissent and punish Trump supporters disproportionately. Meanwhile, proponents of the federal actions argue that accountability is necessary to uphold the rule of law and prevent future insurrections.

As Johnston prepares to face trial, the nation remains divided over the legacy and implications of January 6th. His case will undoubtedly be watched closely by both his supporters, who see him as a wrongly persecuted figure, and his detractors, who view his actions as part of a broader attack on democratic institutions.


  1. As usual, they’ve chosen to blow things up enroute to the Presidential election. How dare this guy for trying to help people get toxic chemicals out of their eyes. I have a feeling that these actions by this administration eill simply harden our resolve to begin a new administration! After all, it’s only been over 3 1/2 years, and they just don’t quit with their smoke and mirrors. They obviously have no shame!

  2. This just continues and they never target the ones responsible for that whole episode…the party in office presently! I am praying that we get a real change in this election and all the scaredy-cats that are already wringing their hands because they are fearing some retribution about J6 and many other evil things they have done to our country, our children, and made our cities sewers!

  3. Everybody that knows the 2020 election was stolen, manipulated and tampered with by the demonRATS knows it all started the day Trump was inaugurated; the same day BLM and Antifa because violent in the strrts of D,C. That means that every American citizen that knows and believes in their heart the 2020 election was a politically motivated crime against America, is automatically a criminal to the demonRATS communist party and it’s leader Jackass Joe Bidumb. The political prisoners in jail for almost 3 years now will be freed and pardoned and will be allowed to see damages from the demonRAT party and the current corrupt government. The perpetrators of the J6 Coup d’etet; Obama, Holder, Pelosi and the J6 Select Committee all need to be prosecuted. This is necessary to start the healing and it will happen. The American public MUST demand full accountability for the political crime of the century. Nothing else is acceptable.


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