Hunter Biden’s Shocking Misuse of Daughter’s College Fund


Hunter Biden was found to have misappropriated $20,000 from his daughter Maisy’s college savings in late 2018. This startling misuse of funds was not for any noble cause, but to fuel a drug-fueled spree that lasted several months.

Maisy, who was in her final year of high school at the time, had her future jeopardized by her father’s reckless actions. The Biden family, including President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill, attempted an intervention just weeks prior at their Delaware home, urging Hunter to return to rehab.

However, their efforts were in vain, as Hunter continued his downward spiral into addiction.

The severity of Hunter’s financial situation came to light when his private bankers at Wells Fargo sent him an email on December 17, 2018, warning him that he had a mere 44 cents left in his account.

In a desperate move, Hunter ordered the transfer of $20,000 from Maisy’s educational savings account, instructing his wealth managers to “liquidate what you can.”

The funds withdrawn from Maisy’s account were used to pay for various personal expenses, including payments to suspected prostitutes, a Porsche 911 car loan, sex webcam subscription fees, and other personal expenses.

This information was revealed through emails and messages obtained from Hunter’s abandoned laptop.

Hunter’s assistant, Katie Dodge, sent him an email on December 28 that year, detailing his outstanding bills. These included University of Pennsylvania tuition bills of $27,945 (likely for his eldest daughter, Naomi), a $1,700 payment for his Porsche, and $4,244.70 for Maisy’s high school Sidwell Friends.

Hunter responded by instructing Dodge to pay for the Porsche and his health insurance, but informed her that she would only be receiving half her paycheck.

Adding to the financial chaos, Hunter also mentioned his business partner’s arrest on corruption charges in Beijing, indicating further financial instability.

Despite these challenges, Maisy, like her sisters Naomi and Finnegan, managed to attend the University of Pennsylvania, where she pursued a degree in fine arts.

Further investigation into Hunter’s financial dealings revealed that he had not paid tax on the money he took from Maisy’s educational savings account.

IRS Criminal Investigation agent Joseph Ziegler, who ran a tax probe into Hunter for five years, claimed the investigation was hindered by senior government officials. According to Ziegler, Hunter failed to report an additional income of approximately $39,820 related to the distribution he took from Maisy’s 529 Plan in 2019.

This shocking revelation paints a grim picture of Hunter Biden’s reckless behavior and disregard for his family’s welfare. It raises serious questions about his character and the values of the family that currently occupies the White House.