Jon Stewart Criticizes Dismissal of Voters’ Concerns About Biden: “Get on Board” Isn’t Pro-Democracy


In a recent episode of "The Daily Show," Jon Stewart criticized the Democratic Party and President Joe Biden's handling of voter concerns, arguing that dismissing these issues is harmful to democracy. Stewart's comments came amid growing frustration among voters over various political issues.

Stewart specifically called out Biden's nonchalant response to Donald Trump's recent criminal conviction, where Biden merely grinned at a reporter's question regarding Trump's claim of being a "political prisoner"​​.

Stewart found this reaction inadequate, suggesting that Biden's behavior exemplified the Democratic Party's broader strategy of ignoring substantive voter concerns and instead focusing on trivial responses.

Stewart, who returned to "The Daily Show" earlier this year, has been vocal about his dissatisfaction with both major political parties. He highlighted that the Democrats' failure to address critical voter issues like inflation, border security, and public safety could alienate the electorate. He mocked the party's strategy of encouraging voters to "get on board" without addressing their legitimate concerns, which he believes is not a pro-democracy approach​.

Furthermore, Stewart's criticism extended to the overall political discourse in the country, suggesting that both parties are more interested in political theater than in substantive debate and problem-solving. He cited examples of both Biden and Trump failing to engage meaningfully with voters' concerns, emphasizing that such dismissiveness can erode public trust in the democratic process​​.

Stewart's comments come at a crucial time as Biden prepares for the 2024 presidential election. With Trump's legal troubles dominating the news, Biden's response—or lack thereof—could impact his campaign. Republicans have been quick to label Trump's conviction as a "sham," further polarizing the electorate​​.

The Biden administration's approach to leveraging Trump's legal woes in their campaign strategy has included social media memes and high-profile endorsements, but Stewart warns that this tactic might backfire if it continues to ignore the real issues voters care about​.

As the political landscape heats up ahead of the election, Stewart's critique underscores a growing sentiment among voters who feel that neither party is adequately addressing their needs. This dissatisfaction could prove pivotal in the upcoming election, as both parties vie for a disillusioned and divided electorate.


  1. John Stewart must have been absent the day our form of government was discussed in History class in the 8th grade and again in high school. Democracy is “mob rule”. The Founders deliberately DID NOT establish the U.S.A. as a democracy. They established a “constitutional republic”; HUGE DIFFERENCE. Just because one political party refuses to understand plain English and use the word democrat in a perverted manner does not mean our nation is one. The only place governed as a democracy within the territory of the republic is Washington D.C. It is governed by Congress. It has it’s own constitution NOT the U.S. Constitution. It has it’s own laws, NOT the laws of the U.S.A. That is the democracy that the left refers to when stating Trump is a danger to democracy. That is also what is known as The Swamp. This is why Congress is a feckless, useless mob of traitors of the American people. This is why they consider themselves “the ruling class”. This is why the current form of Congress needs to be abolished. It is NOT representative of the American people. Do some research about all things Washington D.C. You will be shocked with what you discover.

  2. This is what people don’t know and need to learn! Please send this to Tucker Carlson. He needs to know the difference so he can speak it correctly!!! We are not a democracy except in the eyes of DC. We are a constitutional republic and that’s why The swamp wants to delete it!


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