Kim Foxx’s Policies Under Fire as Crime Soars


Chicago's crime crisis has hit a new low with the involvement of Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx, whose policies have been under intense scrutiny. Foxx, a controversial figure often backed by George Soros, has been criticized for her approach to law enforcement, which many argue has exacerbated the city's already rampant crime rates.

Federal prosecutors have recently stepped in to charge gang members in the 2021 murder of National Guardsman Chrys Carvajal after Foxx's office refused to prosecute due to alleged insufficient evidence. This decision left many questioning the competency and priorities of Foxx's administration.

Foxx’s tenure has been marked by a dramatic increase in violent crime. Critics highlight her focus on "racial equity" over prosecuting career criminals as a primary reason for the surge. For instance, from 2017 to 2022, homicides in Chicago averaged 666 per year under her watch, a significant rise from the 501 annual average before she took office.

In defending her record, Foxx has often attributed the spike in crime to the COVID-19 pandemic, but the numbers suggest otherwise. The data indicates that her progressive policies, including bail reform and lenient sentencing, have allowed criminals to operate with impunity, leading to an increase in violent incidents.

The recent federal intervention in Carvajal’s case underscores a broader dissatisfaction with Foxx's approach. Despite having video evidence and eyewitnesses, Foxx's office claimed there wasn't enough to prosecute, a stance that has since been challenged by federal authorities who have brought charges against the suspects.

Foxx's critics argue that her policies have not only failed to curb crime but have also demoralized law enforcement officers and strained their relationship with the prosecutor's office. Many experienced prosecutors have left her office, unwilling to be part of a system that seemingly prioritizes political correctness over public safety.

The influence of George Soros in electing prosecutors like Foxx has been a contentious topic. Soros-funded PACs have heavily supported Foxx, aiming to "reimagine" the criminal justice system. However, this experiment has often resulted in higher crime rates and frustrated communities who feel unsafe.

The botched handling of high-profile cases, such as the Jussie Smollett incident, has further tarnished Foxx's reputation. Her decision to drop charges against Smollett, despite overwhelming evidence of a hoax, was widely condemned and seen as an abuse of prosecutorial discretion.

As Foxx's term nears its end, many are calling for a return to more traditional law-and-order approaches. The hope is that future leadership will prioritize public safety and restore trust in the criminal justice system, ensuring that Chicago's streets are safe once more.



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