Trump Criticizes Fox News, Calls for Removal of ‘Pathetic’ Paul Ryan from Board


In a bold and direct statement, former President Donald Trump has called for the removal of former House Speaker Paul Ryan from Fox News' board of directors. Trump's demand underscores the deepening rift between the former president and certain elements of the Republican establishment, which he has often labeled as "RINOs" (Republicans in Name Only).

Trump's remarks were made during a recent rally, where he did not hold back his criticism of Ryan, calling him "pathetic" and accusing him of undermining Fox News’ credibility. According to Trump, Ryan’s presence on the board is damaging the network’s relationship with its conservative audience and diminishing its effectiveness as a voice for Republican values.

This clash is the latest in a long history of tensions between Trump and Ryan. The former Speaker has been a consistent critic of Trump, especially following the 2020 election. Ryan has repeatedly urged the Republican Party to distance itself from Trump, arguing that his influence is detrimental to the party’s future success. In response, Trump and his supporters have lambasted Ryan as part of the "establishment" that they believe is out of touch with the party's base.

Paul Ryan has publicly stated that he would not attend the Republican National Convention if Trump is the nominee, highlighting the stark division within the party. This declaration has only fueled Trump's criticism, with the former president asserting that figures like Ryan are responsible for past electoral failures and a disconnect with grassroots conservatives.

Supporters of Trump see Ryan as a symbol of the old guard that failed to energize the Republican base. They argue that his removal from the Fox News board would help align the network more closely with the values and perspectives of its core viewership, which remains staunchly pro-Trump.

On the other hand, Ryan's defenders argue that his presence on the board is essential for maintaining a balanced and credible news platform. They contend that Trump's ongoing attacks are harmful to the party's unity and electoral prospects. These critics believe that a more inclusive and less divisive approach is necessary for future Republican successes.

The internal conflict within the GOP is reflective of the broader struggle for the party’s direction post-Trump. As the 2024 election approaches, this power struggle is expected to intensify, with Trump and his loyalists pushing for a more populist, nationalist agenda while establishment figures like Ryan advocate for traditional conservative principles.

The implications of this internal strife extend beyond the GOP, influencing the conservative media landscape as well. Trump’s criticism of Fox News and his push for Ryan’s removal are seen as efforts to ensure the network remains a steadfast ally in his political endeavors. This dynamic could significantly impact how conservative media covers the upcoming election and the issues at stake.


  1. I am proud to admit I was one of the first people to call Ryan out as a RINO after an encounter I had with him at the Wisconsin State Fair about a dozen years ago. I paid close attention to his activities in the House where he never ever passed a balanced budget and almost single handedly invented the “Continuing Resolution” that was his way of “caving” to the demonRATS. His mentor Crying John Boehner, the drinking buddy of Nancy Piglousey made sure Ryan never did the conservatives and favors. Many people then started watching Ryan and calling him a RINO which caused him to leave politics. He was a traitor to the American conservatives and a disgrace to the state of Wisconsin !!!!!


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